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SPORTS:  We compete in intramural competitions on a semesterly basis, and invite members and non-members alike to participate in sports days--everything from disc golf to football!

PHILANTHROPY: We volunteer with the Boys and Girls Club of Eureka, and assist the Humboldt Fish Action Council and Arcata Rotary Club.

FOOD:  Join us for one of our monthly dinners, our annual Banquet, and more!

ADVENTURE:  Take a trip to any other west coast Chi Phi chapter, explore the redwoods, camp with the Hoopa, fish, dance, and then some (quite a bit, actually).

ACADEMICS:  We aim to have academic excellence.  Join our study hours or invite any brother to help you study.  Chances are at least one of us have taken that class you're struggling with, and we might have that book you need next semester in our very own text book library. You will also gain access to Chi Phi exclusive academic scholarships!

SOCIAL: Bored on a Tuesday night (or any night, really)? You know who to call!  We're always down for foosball, video games, pretty much whatever.

NETWORKING:  Last but not least, members of Chi Phi have access to an international network of students and Alumni. Looking for a job?  A reference?  You'll find one with us!


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Alumni Banquet 

Disc Golf 

Volunteer Day


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